Jeffrey Lilly is a gay Jewish poet who was born in Boston. He was awarded an AB degree in Political Science from Duke University.

He has masters degrees in Russian Language and Literature and Comparative Literature from San Francisco State.

In December of 1996, he was inducted into Phi Sigma Iota, The International Foreign Language Honor Society. He also has an honors certificate in the Russian language from Syracuse University.

Jeffrey Lilly is a former board member of The National Poetry Association. He has read widely from his work in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has produced a CD of a music-poetry recording, 'Promised Land Poems'. It includes music by Hans Christian Reumschuessel of Allemande Music (; as well as Jeffrey’s readings of his own poetry.

Jeffrey has also produced “The Butterfly Flies,” a poetry music recording with the composer and musician, Jonathan Comisar ( .

Jeffrey Lilly is also co-editor with Jack Mueller of a literary and artistic “quilt,” an anthology of work by writers and artists who have died of AIDS. This work is sponsored by The National Poetry Association. Relatedly, Mr. Lilly is director of The Living Word Projecct, a project of the NPA.

At the present time Jeffrey is working on a novel about a Russian émigré writer.


Jeffrey Lilly Presents is a business which both produces CDs for wholesale sale; as well as for retail sale (i.e. by invitation only).

Jeffrey Lilly Presents is also a business which includes Jeffrey Lilly’s works for sale to publishing houses.

Contact: The e-mail address for Jeffrey Lilly Presents is The postal address is P.O. Box 31324, San Francisco, CA. 94131.

Promised Land Poems is a CD now available on CD Baby. The work includes Jeffrey’s Lilly’s reading of the “poetry of the sacred” from a gay man’s perspective.

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His words are accompanied by the music of Hans Christian Reumschussel who plays cello, guitar, drums, keyboard, and Tibetan and Burmese bells.

Harold Norse, the author of Beat Hotel, has said, “Jeff Lilly’s lyrics conjure a world of myth and mystery as if Joseph Campbell had been recreated in verse and updated in post modern language…”

Listen to "Rainbow Folk" from Promised Land Poems


  • A snake hisses a secret impregnation,
  • waking a fertile sea,
  • breaking waves upon a firmament,
  • playing with a waiting Yin.
  • Yang! Yang!
  • Yang rings like a temple bell
  • uniting antipodes,
  • restoring fallen angels,
  • lighting faces as if they walked live
  • from old Titan paintings,
  • wetting pillarous legs
  • now lit like fire.