The Butterfly Flies is now available on CD Baby for purchase. Jeffrey Lilly’s poetry explores the process of writing, the life of a gay Jew who has lost many friends and acquaintances to the AIDS crisis, and poetic expression from the point of view of a gay Jewish writer.

The work is accompanied by the music of Jonathan Comisar who both composed and played the piano music accompanying Jeffrey's reading of his own poetry.

Jonathan has written the music for the musical “Things as They are” that was performed at the New York Musical Theater Festival Fall 2010. “Things as They are” won first prize at that Fall 2010 New York Musical Theater Festival.

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"Alberto Giacometti à la Brochure"

(excerpted from The Butterfly Flies.)

  • "Tall Figure" harp string speaking.
  • "Spoon Woman" as soul’s African geometric heart.
  • "City Square" walkers walkers as life shaped
  • ashy stone Pompey puffs.
  • The "Chariot Man" timeless rolling still
  • in grandeur simple.
  • "Standing Nude" baring longing spirit
  • as angst bespeaking promise.
  • The speaking singing soul
  • gives messages expressionistic
  • midst the impressionistic
  • dans l’ouevre d’Alberto Giacometti,
  • né in Europe’s Swiss Italian mind heart
  • where he caught a whole world pallet
  • born out of Vesuvio’s furnace
  • somewhere South.